Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mission: Super Secret Surprise Sleepover Part 2 (The Morning After)

(Grabbed from Clara. Hi Clara! :D )

Midnight Monopoly deal

At 3am in the morning we prank called someone special and randomly sang a song to that person. It was the highlight of our evening.

And the person replied. And we screamed our heads off. And the hotel had to ring us up, and tell us to tone it down. But we didn't cause we were too happy.

The next morning Emman had shooting so she left early in the morning while we were still sleeping :( 

Emman's Letter:

I left a papercrane. Heh.

After we checked out of the hotel, we went over to Clara's house to get ready for Elle's Costume party! But before getting ready, we ate at Pancake House for brunch! (Its sort of a tradition now.)

The night before, we didn't want Emman to go to the shooting. So we prayed for rain to come so that they'd cancel. They didn't cancel but the rain DID come. We got stuck at pancake house cause we just walked there from Clara's house. We had to ask for cardboard from mercury drug so we could go home slightly dryer than expected. Hah. It was so funny cause Clara and Iya were going as Hobos and we actually went through a hobo moment in the rain with cardboards.

Iya is such a pretty hobo.

Naks Clara :)) She doesn't like make up but Clarissa insisted.



That's me.

We were really texting. This aint posed. Lol

Showing Iya Google Maps!

Hang on for part 3! :D


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