Monday, November 14, 2011

Mission: Post Apocalyptic Party (Part 3)

After we got ready and all costumed up for the party, we then drove off to Elle and Ina's house!...

We kind of got lost along the way but we eventually found our way to her house. 


Ina doing amazeballs hosting.

Check me out. lol

The winning team! :D

Eating all-flavoured-jellybeans

They had a milk tea station!

Clarissa getting it OWNNNN. (not really. but it looks like it yeah?)

I actually like this blurry picture.

Aww aww awww <3<3<3
The coolest.

My photos pretty much suck because I was awkwardly standing by the food table and eating anything I could grab. Check out Lois and Ina's blog posts for more photos HERE::

Lois' Blog post
Ina's Blog post

P.S. I've been going to school (naks) and at least now I have a legit reason for not blogging! Haha! Still. Soo sorry. I've got soo much catching up to do!!


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