Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wander Away: Hello Bacolod

I'm sorry I haven't been updating much, I've literally been busy, (NOT PROCRASTINATING) like, seriously busy. Right after I came home from Bacolod, the Summer Youth Workshop started, and there goes a week just like that. I was talking to my friend Miles yesterday, she told me that if I didn't have tumblr I'd update here more. That is a fact. And I even thought of leaving tumblr today, but the most amazing thing happened today! 

My photo got on Radar again!! 13,000+ notes. Now how do you suppose I leave the magic world of tumblr when this sort of stuff happens there? Uhuh. Nope. Not today.

Now onto my Bacolod post....

I'll break this down into each day. Well, i'll try because everyday we went out for 10 days so I don't know if i'll just be squishing 2-3 days in one post. We'll see. I stayed for 10 days, and the Campos family was as always, very welcoming and they were super nice enough to endure me for 10 straight days! Anyway! When I arrived in Bacolod, we first went to the supermarket to get a few stuff for my stay there.

(P.S. I mixed in my Film with the Digital. & this is going to be very long.)

Clarissa's prettyful boots :)

After the supermarket, we went to Bob's Cafe for dinner. They have the loveliest display of food. I just want to dive into it! Maybe sleep on it. hmm.


Cream Puffs, Sans rival, Red Velvet Cupcakes, & Macarons

THE best Black Sambo I've tasted. Its a sort of creamy jelly chocolate panna cotta. Its positively Amazeballs.

With our bellies full, we headed to their house, took showers, went online for a bit, and hit the hay.

The next morning we ventured to Frankie's Crepes & Pancake House for a bite of breakfast/brunch. They have the most amazing crepes ever. Their apple caramel crepe is almost as good as my caramel apple pie! Seriously. The best. Tita Christy called them up to open a tad earlier than usual for us to have breakfast there. Everyone's so nice there its unbelievable. 

After brunch, we went to this eerily creepy, artistic Boarding house right next to Frankie's. 

Its owned by an artist, who used to work in England and likes to collect/have statues made for the museum that is his own little greek castle. 

There are body parts scattered everywhere. This is the head. O_O

Its funny how much lois looks like trish here. Lol Hi trish!

Taken by ZOMBIES!:

This dude had the prettiest basketball court ever. I'm not even kidding.

The interior is even more detailed.

He had four of these nice little lounge sofa/benches made. He designed it himself. Lol

PLUS, he collects books. He doesn't even read them. He just likes having them.

Up top he's got this brilliant rooftop.

The Castle has, all in all, 4 floors. Each floor looks different and exciting. Its like you can find treasure everywhere! 


He also designed this intricately detailed and lovely chandelier.

We then went back home to wait for Chanel. Clarissa then did her make up for the photoshoot! I finally met Chanel. She is the most fifteen 15 year old i've met my entire life. She acts her age. And its refreshing! I absolutely love her.
After make up and some fooling around, we picked TJ up and went to some park.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the Photoshoot.

Attacked by flies


Big man Big reflector

While we were shooting we saw the cutest puppy ever!! He is a mix of Shi-Tzu and Poodle. And he's just so picture perfect. Every shot is like perfectly cute!

Tired, we dragged our feet to the car, and drove off to this cool pizza place that sells HUGE pizzas. But we didn't order that. We instead, ordered two separate  large pizzas so that we'd get two flavors. 



We played a little truth or dare, and succumbed to the joy of Killers.

Its amazing how much we did on that day. Time is sooo slow in Bacolod! Its freakayyyy. But I love it. It feels so great to be reunited with my lovely friends. Stay tuned for more posts!

Happy Saturday!

P.S. Our 500 days of shutter is ending tomorrow. I'd like to apologize for the lazy shots and the lateness of my posts. Inspiration doesn't come everyday. And I apologize for that. 

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