Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wander Away: Slap Jack

Its Emman's last night in Bacolod so we wanted to make it extra special. We booked a hotel room for us to stay in over night at the Chalet hotel!

To start the super fantastical day, we had brunch at the Campos residence. We had waffles and yummy  toast~

After breakfast, we started baking 2 apple pies and one strawberry pie. I think I baked 5 pies all in all during my stay in Bacolod. O_O Boy, do they love their pie. I offered to bake a pie for Clara's parents as a thank you for allowing Clara to go with us to the hotel! 

We made a Hipstah Love Pie for Lols. :))

While we got ready, Jodi, Clara, Emman, and Eunice watched A Little Thing Called Love. Tears were shed and laughs were bellowed while I poked my eye with mascara. Haha. 

After that, we headed straight to the hotel and checked in. We left our luggage and just chilled for a bit and then headed out for a nice pizza dinner at Bob's. Mushu was the place we chose for dessert and just a place to sit down and rest. Emman ordered with an Aussie accent, and I ordered with a french accent and I guess they believed it cause the guy had no idea what we ordered. :))

We went to musnsteriffic after Mushu to buy a few stuff and then headed to the hotel to do the video of Apple Pie. The song we composed! (I'll post the video on the next post.)

The lot slept at 5am just talking and playing games. It was just an amazing night and just perfect for Emman's last night!

I thought it cool to tint it red.

We played Slap jack for a time in the hotel hallway-ish part. It was sooo funn. Lois won. :|



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