Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wander Away: Cakes

After the most epic sleepover ever, we conjured up the energy to magically make the most epic day out ever as well. We first stayed at Clara's house to watch Emman assist Clara's dad with his Song Writing Class. She sang a few songs and we were mesmerized by her prettyful voice. She was amazeballs! Clara even played the guitar for one of their original songs! :)

Clara's house was so pretty that we were so inspired early in the morning to compose a song about Apple Pie during breakfast. It turned out to be a really good song!!!

I soo love this photo.

After the delightful music courtesy of Emman and Clara, we then ventured off to Robinson's to watch Beastly. We rode the back of a truck like the bosses that we iz.


Beastly was a disappointment. Alex Pettyfer was hot but the story was all Blah. Mary-Kate Olsen did a pretty good job as the Witch though!

Jodi had to leave after the movie so we dropped her off at KFC for her mum to pick her up. :(

Famished, we headed to one of the many Chicken Houses in Bacolod and decided that the place was too crowded and... I don't know. We just didn't like it there. So we chose another Chicken house which was just a few blocks away from the first Chicken House we went to. 


Dessert at Calea! And we did the funniest dares at that place.





Emman ordered a massive amount of cakes. I think there were 11 slices of cakes on our table and we finished all of it. Well, Emman did. We just helped. HAHA!

All except for one. We did not like this cake at all. It tasted like medicine and band aid. O___O

The Chalet hotel was just a few strides away from Calea so we decided to just check it out since I haven't been there before. We gazed at the stars with our bellies full and plump. But then the workers started staring at us and I think they were about to call their manager. So we stood up and left.

That day was amazeballs and I miss my girls already! :(


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