Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wander Away: Behind a tree, by the campfire

My second day in Bacolod was a little less exciting than most of my stay there, so we're skipping that part. Okay, now for the fun part:

My friend Eunice had NO clue I was in Bacolod. We had a few plans laid out on how we were going to surprise her. Mine was to just go to her room in the middle of the night, and jump on her and start screaming. But no, they didn't like that. Lois' plan was to go to the camp grounds, and for me to do a ridiculous pose in the back of the car, they'd call her to help carry something from the back of the car and i'd be there. No way was I doing that. Too easy. Last minute, we arrived at the Camp and I concocted a fun and chipper way to make do with the surprise.

You see that picture up there? My totally awesome plan was:...

To hide behind that huge tree. And then Lois & Lisa would invite Eunice to take a picture with that huge tree. When they take the shot, I would pop out so that I would be included in the picture. Knowing Eunice, she'd want to look at the outcome of the photo and she'd be totally weirded out cause someone's popping out behind the tree. It went like this...

Lois: Okay onee.. twoooo. three!!
*I run behind the tree again.*
Lois: here look at it.
Eunice: What's that?... What the? What the heck???? SEED?!

Then she turns around to find me ready for a huuuge bearhug and a chorus of screams. It was amazeballs.

The first thing we did was check out the sunset from the rooftop. It was beautiful.

This is supposed to be a GIF but it's not working. I wonder why.

This too.

We had a lot of catching up to do so we talked for a while, had the service, then had a scrumptious dinner. After dinner we checked out the Trailer of Material Queen with Vanness Wu in the cast. As you can see we were very interested.

They had a mini camp fire

After that night, we were sooo pooped. But I managed to take this cool shot of Lois' laptop with her wideangle lens. :D

Happy Wednesday!

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