Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bacolod: Zoo • Last day

On my last day, one of the pastors in Bacolod decided to bring us on a little trip to the Zoo! So this is basically an entire post on me freaking out about animals. No joke.

(photos stolen form Lois heh hi.)

Lookin for the turtles!

OMIGOSH THIS DEER. I love him. I just. I love him.

Now watch me quite literally just freak out and talk to animals on this vlog:

My last day in Negros was quite tiring and incredibly fun. I always have such an amazing time on each trip packed with incredible moments and friends whom I love dearly. That's why I come back every summer I can!! I'm always so blessed when I visit that place, (particularly in the stomach region) I just love it there!!! 

Well, this ends my Bacolod, or more accurately Negros Occidental adventures. I'm slowly getting the hang of this vlogging thing, and I'm having so much fun doing it too! I've been using my phone for most of the footage, and so far, it's been good. But my main concern is memory space, and the battery. So I might have to find a better camera to film with in the future. But it's been doing well so far!! Again, this is mostly for personal use and just a little something to look back on. And it's soooo fuuunnnnnn!!! 

Seed xoxo

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