Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Been a while!: Life update

So i'll start off from April because things are already a little fuzzy from February. Since Summer started, i've been going out with my family like crazy! It's been super fun, and I just wanted to write about what I've seen and enjoyed.

The fam went to Banaue Rice Terraces. The place was amazing and breathtaking. We saw a couple of locals who came all decked out in their Igurot outfits for a photo op! They were sooo cute!

After a tiring drive and a stay overnight at Banaue, we headed far north into Sagada where the famous That Thing Called Tadhana was shot. It such a small town crowded with inns and tourists craving for a heart wrenching scream over at Echo Valley.

Meh, I had nothing to scream lol.

I didn't go far enough to get up close and personal with the hanging coffins. Aint nobody got time for that. Plus it was raining and I heard how dangerous it could get. So, I was quite okay looking at them from a distance. Plus I heard you had to sacrifice 20 pigs to please the gods or something if you accidentally touch one of the coffins!

That same night, we headed straight for our last stop: Baguio.

I had a gig with Chrissie at an office event, and it feels soo amazing getting back into singing. I missed it so much.

Me, Chloe, Chelsea, Jerica, & Jol

I also went to the beach with the most beautiful souls, and people. I had sooo much fun with these girls!!

This place is called Pueblo Por La Playa. It is a membership-type housing village with cute little Mexican inspired houses and a private beach down south at Pagbilao Quezon. It's sooo gorgeous there.

MAY 2015: 

This is fab pic of me holding a baby. 

I taught a little basic make-up class for 5 days at church. It was soo much fun!!

These are my girls!! I am so proud of them for getting their eyebrows on fleek!!! It was really such a blessing and it was so heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces. I love the idea of make-up as a tool to enhance beauty and to give a little boost of confidence for these women. There are no ugly women, only lazy women, as we say.

Mandatory Coffee photo.

I am loving my new lip-liner from BeYu. It's the shade 522. Its matte and I am obsessed with it!! 

Also went to the beach with my cousins and friends!

I actually just got back from Pico De Loro yesterday. And I'm already headed off to Bacolod tomorrow! Hopefully I can film a ton of stuff and vlog about it (If I can lol). But I will definitely take tons of pictures. I'm only staying for a week and I am having so much trouble packing because i'm not checking my luggage in. So, crossing my fingers that everything will fit and that I'll have enough outfits to choose from when I get there!!

Such an amazing month, April, I expect no less from May!! I'm sooo excited to see my friends in Bacolod!! I love going there at least once a year. This should be fun!!

xoxo Seed

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