Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bacolod: Sipalay • Date + Movie • Vietnamese Balut (Part 2)

Lois and Clarissa had pre-planned a beach day with their cousin Inah before I even planned on going so it was soo convenient that I arrived and stayed long enough to come with them to the beach! So yay! Beaches are always fun.

It was super amazing just swimming around and feeling the summer breeze on the boat!! I love the sea so much! My family used to go on beach trips every Monday at one point and I never got tired of it!

The next day, I had a nice little lunch date with Eunice and we watched Para sa Hopless Romantic. I didn't really like the movie so much, given that some Filipino movies are paving their way into my heart, this one just stood there. And it's such a shame cause I really liked the concept of having two stories in one. It just didn't flow properly and the ending was pretty crappy.

The following day, Clarissa got married!!!!!

It was soo beautiful, simple, and heartfelt. I loved it so much!!!! I'm so so happy for her, Richard is such a great guy, he is a golden boy. Haha. But yeah!!! I really am so incredibly blessed to have witnessed this couple's growth and love for each other and for the Lord.

That night, we went to the mid-week service at their church and then had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant to try out their balut! It was amazing!!!! 

Watch the vlog here:

Seed xoxo

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