Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tignan Mo

    For our Filipino Midterms, we had to compose our own song, record it, and make a music video. I was absent for one week and I came back to find out that we had to make a filipino song. I panicked and did an all nighter. I've never been a good song writer. I've always been at a loss for words, or in simpler terms: I am no song writer. I sing, but I suck at writing. But the God and a blissful one sided crush was on my side. I was inspired. And surprisingly, after sleeping at an unholy hour, I finished the song and recorded it the next day. It all fell into place, and everyone loved it.

    Because of all the adults scaring me about copyrights, I am sad to say that I cannot post the video and/or the mp3 here. But here are some pretty screen caps I so dearly took time to pause, screen cap, and play for all you people out there to at least get a taste of the video. 

    We shot the video behind the Mall of Asia with my group mates and other classmates. The video was shot and directed by the brilliant Cristian Escolano (who is making it big in the OPMV industry btw), and edited by the amazing Jasper Salimbangon. It was such a fun filled day, and we got to hang out at Maicah's right after to shoot another video. 

Here are a few BTS shots:

So, so fun.

Recording outtakes: 

Hopefully, I get my copyright things settled and I can post the song here soon! :) x

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