Monday, July 9, 2012

Living by Faith

So I got this mind blowing revelation in church yesterday. The Bible says for us to always live by faith 24/7. But what does it really mean? I honestly didn't know. In Habakkuk 2:4 it says "...the just shall live by faith." How can I live by faith all the time in this world with such a worldly system? How do I even know I'm living by faith anyway? These are a few questions that have been boggling my mind for YEARS. 

I basically grew up with the church. And I can honestly say I'm only truly growing up spiritually at this stage of my life. I have God, family, and an amazing group of friends to thank for that. I am so blessed to be around such spiritually helpful and mature christians. And up until this Sunday did I only get the answer to my questions. "How do I live by faith 24/7?"

Funny story, the Pastor who was preaching also was asking the same thing to God for years now. And as she grew spiritually and through the years of preaching, she finally got it. Living by faith is filtering everything else out through the Word of God and rejecting anything that doesn't go with the Word of God. And it all made sense to me.

Honestly, I'm not there yet. I'm still being perfected by God. And I admit, my filter has a few holes once in a while. But now that I have this standard, this revelation, as to how I can live by faith... It's like I have a blueprint, or a map to a maze that I have been walking in for years. I was in the dark, and that revelation turned on the light. And now that I can see the truth, I will definitely try harder to live by faith. I have a guideline now.

There are such worldly things out there, and it will be hard sometimes to filter them out, but like my pastor said, "You see it, you hear it, don't do it, don't say it."

Let's just say this "filter" is a Banig. A Banig is a woven mat for sleeping or sitting used here in the Philippines. In this worldly system, you have to rise above by living by faith. Now think of your faith as your Banig. If your Banig is loose, it can break easily. To tighten up your the intricate weaving of your Banig, you have to keep "hearing and hearing by the word of God" (Rom 10:17) Imagine you're on a flying Banig above the worldly system, you'd want that Banig to be tight, wouldn't you? And with that strong Banig underneath you, you would be safe, and God can show you the world... Shining, shimmering and splendid, as He sees it through His word.

I saw that image on tumblr. It's a screen cap from the movie Pi.

Let's re-phrase that in relation to walking by faith:

"When your mind becomes aligned with the word of God, you will filter everything else out and find faith everywhere."

And just like that, living by faith is like the easiest thing to do.


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