Sunday, July 8, 2012


     And we have a winner! Okay, remember that post I did about Something special? Well just a recap, that whole photo-set got scrapped because those were too easy. But moving on, I was challenged to do something artistically challenging. Capturing a different side of my subjects in black and white. I know, it's so easy to take an annoyingly self proclaimed dramatic or deep photo by just changing the mode of your camera. I say that with the utmost sarcasm I have in every bone of my body. But let me just say: It is unbelievably hard to capture true emotion and the heart of a person in a black and white photo because it there is no color to work with. Color can do so much to add to the feel, and depth of a photo.

    This collection is called Perspective, because the idea is to give the viewers a different perspective of the people on the photographs. 

    Essentially I asked each subject a bunch of questions, until we all got a little bit more comfortable for me to ask about their life story etc. Although they knew that I was taking pictures, I gave them at least 30 minutes each to get comfortable infront of the camera and the blinding light. With that said, those photos up there are all candid shots.

    This next set wasn't supposed to be with the first set. I took an accidental one of Charles and I really liked the effect of it. Also it fit into my concept of Perspective. The photo looked dramatically better when I rotated it to the right, also we got a high grade for our finals. - Happy Dance! -

    These are also all raw photos in terms of facial photoshopping. The only photoshopping involved was to sharpen the photo, and that's it. I'm really proud of this set. 

   With this set came a photo collage of almost all our pictures and a few videos compiled into one whole video. Enjoy!

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