Friday, July 6, 2012

Growing Up

I'm alive!

Yes, yes, I know. And this won't be some lame apology post on how I've not been blogging. (Which, by the way is part Blogspot's fault because mine was broken for a while.) In any case! This post is about change. I've been thinking that i've grown out of my old lifestyle that leaves paper cranes around. I've been to college, and I have in fact, turned the big Two-Oh. That's right. I'm 20. And you know what? It feels as if I haven't changed at all. But as I look at the me now, and the me before? A whole lot has changed. Not that it's a bad change. It's a more grounded change.

I feel that I cannot live up to my blog's name. When I made this blog, I was still floating around and enjoying life. But now... I'm still enjoying life, but something is different. I feel the floor under my toes. I'm not just aimlessly floating around. I am on a path, I'm walking and I'm going somewhere. Once in a while my feet leave the ground, but I get pulled back down and set on the right path again.

And with that said, I'm changing my blog name to something more grounded, and something more personal and more me. When I was the paper crane girl, I was a little girl on the edge of adolescence building a path and a world but I couldn't exactly walk on it due to certain circumstances. Now, some circumstances have changed and I can finally walk the path I've made. I'm not saying i'm perfect and that i've done all the growing I can manage. No. I have so much growing up to do. But from where I started this blog, I have grown, and I exist now, but i'm still on a road to discovering myself. And someday I will rise and amaze this world, they won't see it coming. (Haha, I can dream can't I?)

So, drumroll please..... I am changing my blog to Sidlantis. After my tumblr blog name that my amazeballs friend came up with. (Hi Lois!) Only now do I realize how a name can have such meaning to me.

It is my name, and Atlantis put together. Let's not focus on how it sank and how mythical it was. But the idea of it challenged and inspired so many adventurers and curious minds to search for this magical city. And my nickname, Seed, which we then shortened to "Sid" to make it sound catchier, is a symbol of growing into something bigger than yourself.

And so I conclude a dream and a goal: I am sidlantis, and I will grow into a something bigger than myself and will inspire adventurers and curious minds.

Cheesy! hahahahaha

The paper crane girl sort of caged me in to be just that little girl. And for a while there, I wanted to just be a little girl. Growing up is a huge responsibility. But this name is freeing me to grow and to inspire. I hope you all understand and not hate me for changing my name! It just means a lot to me...

I'll be changing my URL, Title, and layout soon!

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