Saturday, July 7, 2012

Humanities Project: Something Special


Some people rant and stress about their humanities class. I hear countless tales of how scary the prof is. How tough and strict she is. There was stress, and there was a bit of ranting. But I seriously love our prof in Humanities. Ms. Sam is tough but she is a good teacher. Our class always puts her projects first and foremost when it comes to schoolwork. We love the pressure and the insane amounts of workload we have to face. Because projects from Humanities are things I treasure. I work hard on them. Blood, sweat, and tears. Some, literally.

This was done for our Finals project but got completely scrapped because Ms. Sam thought it was too easy. Like I said, she was tough. The concept was, "you, you and something special you love, and then a photo of that something." Artistically, it was pretty easy. The circumstances were hard though. We had to go all the way up north to shoot this. And a week before finals! So for it to be scrapped completely a week before finals? Yeah. Stress.

Even though these were sort of "easy," doesn't mean they aren't good pictures. Plus we had tons of fun at Kuya Allan's house. And we got to meet the adorable Sia! 


Allan & Sia


Oh wow, my hair was firey back then.


This is Sia. She is so adorable. She loves  How to Train Your Dragon.  Yes she does.


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