Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wander Away: Hong Kong

My dad was planning one of his trips to Hong Kong for his technology shopping, and it happened to collide with my brithday. So he let me tag along with him! *happy dance* Hong Kong is (as of now) my favourite country in the entire world. I literally want to live there. I love the people, the energy, the transportation, the system, and the life. Well, I am a city girl. 

Hong kong is such a beautiful country and every part of it just bring stars to my eyes. Added plus is that they have DISNEY FREAKING LAND. 

I didn't go there this time though. We had complications with the weather (which bummed me like crazy), but we made it through the day... I guess.

This casing was so pretty but I wasn't able to buy it.

Since it was my birthday my dad took me first to buy my birthday presents. Which are: Ze pancake Lumix Lens, and my new Doc Martens!

I've been eying these babies for a while now and I'm soo glad I got a pair! They are a PAIN to break into (Blisters and all) but once I broke into them, I practically live in them. They are so comfortable and I wore them to Enchanted Kingdom, and do you know how much you have to walk there? My feet were snug as bunnies in a hole the entire time.  I LOVE THEM!!! I'm totally buying another pair. They are so worth it.

Whilst buying my baby pancake lens, I saw the cutest dude i've seen in HK. He sells cameras *___* and I awkwardly stared at him the entire time we were conversing with his boss. HA! Here's a video:

I kind of freaked when he looked at me taking a video so I moved the camera away from him. Haha!! Oh well. He was cute. I was happy. :>

Saw this cat sleeping INSIDE the little basket. I was sort of amazed.

My dad and I went around Mong Kok on our first day to finish as much technology shopping as we could. We came across this street where there was a market. Fruits, veggies and the like. It was an unusual sight next to huge buildings, but I find it interesting!

My dad's friend wanted to have dinner with us, so we met up at a korean restaurant for dinner. They have really good food there. One of my favourite korean goodie is called "Bulgogi." And the way you eat it is to first to dip raw meat into some sort of sauce, and then grill the meat. When it's cooked, you then put it inside a piece of lettuce, with some onion stalks and a special paste that they provide for you. At which point you then clump it all together into a ball, and place the whole thing into your mouth. Superb.

Le Happy

Aside from the delectable main dishes, the Koreans show their hospitality by serving guests a nice hefty amount of appetizers. Kimchi, an orange spicy fermented vegetable appetizer that koreans serve at EVERY meal is quite a favourite of mine.

Tito Bobbit, Vito, My mum, Gab, and Tita Joy.

After a scrumptious dinner, I scarfed down this lovely soy milk in a box. Yum-O.

It was a really tiring day and it was great to end it with a heart warming amount of Birthday Greets on Facebook. I thank you all! <3 All in all that was a great day for me. I was in a country I loved dearly, I got everything I wanted, and I saw a cute guy. I say that's a pretty great day.

Hong Kong on Film

I am inlove with this shot.

The store also had this really cool 3d lens but unfortunately it was only for the GF2. :(

We got a bit lost looking for a hobby store.

Happy Wednesday!

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