Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wander Away: Going Home 2011

And so, came the time that I had to part with my favoured country. *been watching too much medieval shows* I woke up early, had some of those heavenly pancakes, (Happy meal of course) And journeyed to Mong Kok for some last minute technology shopping just incase we missed anything. Another day to break into my docs. But my feet were indefinitely crying deeply within their soles. (See what I did there? I crack myself up. Haha.) Then, we hurried off towards the hotel and checked out, got on a rented van, and scurried to the airport.

But oh, don't they just look lovely?

I really love their airport. Its beautiful there.

I had a spot of Ben & Jerry's while waiting for our flight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ben & Jerry's!! <3 when they say Chunk they really do mean CHUNK!

There was a guy talking to my Dad. I think it was a survey of Hong Kong, and how our stay was there. That's Hong Kong for you, always trying to improve.

I had the most terrible experience on the plane home. You know how sometimes the pressure hurts your ears? Well you're supposed to equalize (pinch your nose and blow air towards your nose really hard) to release the pressure. I slept through the part where I'm supposed to equalize and the pressure went to my sinus. It felt like my skull was going to explode, like someone was hitting me repeatedly on my face, and the pain travelled from the top of my head to my chin. It was horrifying. I literally cried of pain. It was a terrible experience and I pray that no one would experience that type of pain, myself included. 

Does anyone know of a remedy for Sinus Pressure? So I could avoid that scary pain!

Excluding that experience on the plane, the whole trip was amazing. I love you Hong Kong. Forever will.

I've noticed that most of my posts are of my travels. But in reality, I don't go out much. I travel a lot, but I don't go out much. Does that make any sense? Haha.

Happy Friday!

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