Saturday, June 11, 2011


I met up with my friend Dannah and her Boyfriend at the mall of asia. This was the first time I've met him, and I think bowling is a great way to bond with someone you've just met. Well, that's what we did. Haha. He's only here for a couple of months so we've been going out a lot with him. He treated us to a Japanese Restaurant and then we just walked around and Bowled. I was pretty awesome.

Dannah and Lean.

It wasn't that good. :|

The Bowling Centre at MOA was pretty cool and it had a nice ambience in the place. I really like it there!

They were making fun of my gap :( 

I almost beat them! Lean had one point over me. :|


We went to Seattle's Best while I wait for my dad to pick me up.

It was a really good day all in all. Glad to have met him (finally) lol.

Happy Saturday!


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