Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wander Away: Ternate Marine Base

Remember when I told you I was going to the beach? We did. But it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. The water made my skin red and blotchy 5 minutes after I dipped my toes in. The wind was too terrifyingly strong, that it blew the sand with it, which then hits us like a million tiny needles on exposed skin! It hurt, and I yelp out a bellowing "OUCH" every single time the wind attacks us armed with those tiny little sand needles of doom. No, it wasn't fun at all.

But, sand storm or no, we still tried to enjoy ourselves. I mean, we're already there.

The place is actually a Marine Base camp. Basically, what that means is that the Philippine Marines train there. We even got a chance to sneak a peek on one of their training sessions. Its so intense and they look like those little toy soldiers from Toy Story! And I noticed that most of them Jog, not walk. Plus the girls are as clean shaven as the boys. (I am never going into the Marines if they'd cut all my hair off. No. Way.)

We left early in the morning. It was a pretty day out.

Robert being Silly.

We played a little v-ball despite the wicked wind.

Isn't that just the cutes monkey ever?! He was so nice and this picture cracked me up.

We thought this hummer was so badass.

We played a little Uke.

And took cliche photos.

Walking to the other side of the beach.

Ohhhh look at that freaky hipster with her flowy pants, messy hair, and ukulele :|

P.S. we had to go through those rocks. And I think I sprained my pinkie toe.

P.P.S. Paul Sr. Was there.

Those rocks were so hard to get through, this is just but 2 percent of the sea of broken slippers that were all over the place. It was crazy.

These two were quite the fascinating pair. That little boy on the right was dramatically screaming out "Kuya!! Tulong!!" which is "Big brother! Help!" in Tagalog, and his brother on the left is slowly crawling towards him. Haha!

And ofcourse, the oh so popular: Jump shot. Are we high school musical yet?

He lost a very expensive pair of shorts. Ergo:

We watched Tangled on the way home.

We somehow salvaged some laughs and good memories. Given a chance to go back there, I wouldn't. Sorry. The Prince of Persia might enjoy those prickly sand storms but I certainly didn't.

Happy Thursday!

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