Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Up Photos 8~

I was so bummed when I didn't have the time to take a photo of the famous Lion with my film camera on the way home from Baguio, but I was able to take a photo of it with Jared! So I took a photo of Jared with a photo of the Lion on the screen. Heh.

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Dual exposure fun.

Whilst in the process of getting lost in the Air force base camp in Angheles, I saw this incredibly creepy factory-type building. If you look closely, there are mannequins scattered about. Half, whole, or in dozens of bits of pieces. But no people in sight. :|

We were pretty lost by this time...

We ate at this really cozy restaurant.


Spareribs slathered in BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes.

The first time I tried this pie last, last year, it inspired me to start baking. But now that I've tasted it again, I honestly don't even know what I tasted in that pie. My pie PWNS this pie. Not even kidding.

We went to marquee mall right after lunch, and I went into the most beautiful Fully Booked store that I have ever been to.

Picture taking is strictly not allowed in Fully Booked Stores.

But what were they going to do?

Delete my film? Ha! (TIMER PHOTO OMG.)

And who could resist? Its soooooooo pretty in there!

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