Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wander Away: Bicol Day 1!

Last month we traversed through the air and made our way to the beautiful city of Bicol. We thought about going about it on a bus, but I heard it took 12 hours to go there! Mithros, that could've taken us to the states by airplane in that allotted time!

We stayed there for 3 days and two nights. On the first day, we explored bicol and did a lot of sight-seeing. And that is what blog post is about, so prepare yourselves for a ton of photos. :D

Well first off, here are some obligatory airport/airplane shots. I used up a whole roll of film inside the airport and the airplane. That's how I roll.

Mmm coffee.

5am in the morning.

Take off!

The sun is coming up~

If you look closely you'd see a vague covered up volcano in the photo. MAYON!


That's how cloudy it was there. So we didn't get a chance to see the Mayon Volcano's almost perfect cone.

These hills were beautiful! Almost as breath taking as the chocolate hills in Bohol.


When we landed, we headed straight to where we were going to stay. 

It was a Bed and Breakfast hotel, so Breakfast comes with the whole shebang.

I really liked this paper money collection the owner has.

We first visited the Hoyop-Hoyopan cave. Hoyop-hoyop which means to "blow-blow" was what they named the cave because of the sound of the wind one could hear rushing through the cave.

It was really cool inside and very damp.

The dude says that this place used to be under the ocean O.e

People used to party inside this place when back in the old days, Filipinos had curfew and they would go to this cave here and have a dance party till dawn. I forgot what these names meant but this goes way back to the 1850's.

This stalactite right here is what they call the hanging man. Haha. Do you see him?

Crystals up on the ceiling! 

The locals say that that formation right there looks like upside-down praying hands... or a t-rex head.

We had to go through this bridge thing.

Then we bought souvenirs!! :>

We ate at this cafe right here. Sooo cheap with good food :)

Ahh kay I look constipated. And we literally could not see the volcano.

My brother rode the zip line.

So did my sister. I didn't because I wasn't up for it. (not in a scared way.) Just wasn't up to it.

This is Bigg's diner.

I see this diner everywhere. And its weird cause we didn't even like the food there.

We went to this really nice open mall called Embarcador, and It was so nice and posh and windy cause it was right next to the sea! :) I really loved it there.

Everyone, meet sKYLEr. He's the boyfriend I left in bicol. HE loves me and we like hanging out in the mall together.

Happy Saturday! :)

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