Sunday, April 10, 2011

I got a new dog!

Well, he's not new anymore... Just a really late blog post! I got him last month, He is a beautiful Siberian Husky. I wanted to call him Vashkov but my dad insisted on Troy. :|

But now I keep calling him Kyle accidentally. I know. :|

He has one icy blue eye and a brown one on the other side. He has what people call a Devil Mask, and he's got wolf grey fur. <3

Here are a few pictures of the baby :)

As you can see, Troy and Cole get along very well. As per usual, Chowder and Clammy sort of treat him like a diseased dog. I take these two on walks very often and they love it. (I particularly love it too for no particular reason... what? Seriously!) 

He's been great with everyone, and he's really hyper! Like, I don't know where he gets all his energy from! And ooh I looove touching his fur and his tail! SOOO SOFT!! Its like he's a big bunny. @_@

To end all of this I give you a cat:

Happy Monday!

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