Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lovely Presents!

I absolutely love getting mail from my dear friends. Unfortunate as it is that they live quite far, but I really do love receiving mail!

I asked Lois and Clarissa for these shower gels. No particular reason. I just wanted shower gels. Heh.

Elle and Ina gave me this adorable package packed with goodies!! Inside that blue container is a stack of bracelets I wear almost everyday now. :>

They gave me a card too. And don't worry girls, there's no need to wrap Mr. Lachowski because he came of his own accord soon after you gave me your present :D And please note, that it was hand written.

Trish and Miles' presents were such a treat!!! I absolutely love the vests Miles sent over. And Trish sent me a book, Betwixt! (And you know how I love my books AHHH!) 

Euncii sent me this adorable case and a mini Dr. Marten key chain!! Hehehehehe so cute <3

BTW my loves, I'm still collecting treasures for my special bundle of goodies for you guys. But, worry you not, I'm close to completing my hunt!


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