Friday, March 18, 2011

Osm Café

A close friend of mine opened a cafe next to our church in Imus. Its a nice little hang out place for me and my friends with happy-red walls and good food. I help out a lot since I hang out there most of the time when I can. I also bake a few of my goodies and sell them there. There's a room behind the café, and they opened an internet shop inside. Pretty nifty! Yesterday we played Left 4 Dead there. Lol zombie slaying is fun.

I made a logo for them :) 

The front doors have not been varnished yet but I love how it has windows and allows a lot of light into the café.

We're planning on putting up a mini library for everyone to enjoy~

Totally changing that curtain for beads. Totally.

The place isn't airconditioned yet since it just opened.

Inside the back door from the picture above is this. We ate there since this room was airconditioned. Hehe. As of now there are 15 computers there right now. I just haven't had time to take a good picture! 

They sell home cooked meals also like your local carinderia since we're trying to keep the costumers of the former carinderia that used to be next door. But they're still adding stuff to the menu. 

Crisses chillin.

With osm café comes osm friends~

I look like a man here. :| with make up. Drag queen. yes. 

I've been baking a lot. And these cupcakes were super good. I have perfected the cupcake and when I have time, I shall tell you the secret.

Tomorrow we're going to the Beach! Woohoo!! Finally get to wear those flowy pants Lois' mum bought for me! *Shout out to Tita Christy! Thank you so much for those pants.*

I had a dream that my crush called me "cupcake girl" and because of that I'm considering of changing my name to "the cupcake girl" but its so... Un-original don't you think?

Happy Friday!

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