Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wander Away: Baguio and Berries

My family stumbled on a trip to Baguio out of the blue, so we packed our spiffy luggage and gallivanted towards the rocky terrain of this nifty plateau. In other words: We packed our bags and drove for 6 hours to Baguio.

It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. I was hoping for at least a bit of teeth chattering, but no. The winter fairies must have been too busy. Oh well.

We spent 2 nights and 2 days there.

The travelling lot.

I slept most of the way and woke up to this delightful sunset.

We stayed at Pine Breeze. The cottage we stayed in was cozy and spacious. 20 people could sleep in there. (well not everyone will have the pleasure of a pillow) But still. Pretty big. 

The kitchen was nice and big too with a fridge, and a really nice wooden table I fancy.

There were four bunk beds, and one queen-sized and single bed in the other room. There were 11 of us so that was perfect. Here's my mom making sure everyone had beds..

We ate out.

Probably the most decent photo I have for the whole trip.


I know Greece would've been much more breathtaking but this isn't so bad. I like how they live on mountains.

That morning was the coldest temperature we experienced during our stay there. And it was cold enough to produce fog from the air we blew out. And we were trying to capture it on a photo....

As you can see we failed.

This little guy suddenly popped himself onto my jogging pants. I detest worms but he wasn't so bad.

Le sister et Le boyfriend.

 Papa et Mama

We went to La Trinidad to do a bit of souvenir shopping.

Here come the berries! (And a lot of them)

You drooling yet?

This is my favourite shot.

Isabelle :)

It will always be a mystery to me why they are so obsessed with male genitals. Keychains, and various sizes made of wood. Do. Not. Get. It. Can someone please explain?

We then visited Camp John Hay and tried a fun life threatening ride. 

We had to wear a harnest and they're up to your crotch like that. UNCOMFORTABLE.

The ride was called the Canopy and its like a hanging swing 60 feet from the rough terrain. Eek!

I couldn't take photos of myself on the ride so I took photos of my boots. Ha!

Lucky dweebs got photos. :|

Starbucks Baguio looked like a really cozy house in a park. Basically.

Next stop: Mines View Park

These St. Bernards are the cutest things ever and they smelled like shampoo!

I was kind of put off when the man said "take your bag off your lap so that it won't get crushed." But on the other hand I was too busy being excited about the huge dogs. Then he said "UP UP.." suddenly a 200 pound dog was on me. The dude taking photos caught me on camera kid of squealing:

Seriously. They smelled soo so good.

My mum. 

I know this is some type of animal cruelty but I just couldn't resist. A HORSE WITH PINK HAIR!!! PINK. HAIR!!

The view was amazing.

After all that sightseeing and shopping, nothing beats Fried Chicken and Adobo. 

We left early in the morning to visit a mall where Reed's Bootery moved to. My dad wanted to get special boots made, and we also bought a few stuff to entertain our stomachs on the way home :D

For a late lunch we went to this place called Rumpa in Angheles where they served Apple Pie. The first time I ate there, I ordered a slice and that Apple Pie inspired me to start baking. Funny how when I ordered it for dessert again, it doesn't even compare to how good my apple pie is. Not even kidding.

Here ends the journey. Watch out for part two because I used up 3-4 rolls of film on this trip, and they are, as I blog, being developed. 

One of my good friends opened a cafe/internet shop next to our church! I'm going to blog about that on my next post. I'm soo psyched about it! 

So I drew and painted this yesterday. Its a new header for this blog! You like? :)

check this out.

Happy Wednesday!

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