Friday, March 4, 2011

Lava. FIlm. Love.

I had a soirée of sorts last week. It was, more but not less: pretty amazing. We talked, we ate, we baked, we cried, we took pictures, we lied on roads, but most of all, we did not sleep. Well, most of us.

So here you'll see a bits and pieces of the night. Tragically spamming my blog but oh, does it feel glorious. Enjoy... I guess.

I baked lava cake for them. 

Ate Jonna's famous baked muscles :>

I believe they enjoyed my lava cake. :)) (OH I C CHICO)

We took a little walk after eating. And you know... lied on the road and stuff. 

We watched P.S. I love you in the middle of the night. Results:


Everything must be documented. Even the short life of this little thing :|

We watched Green Rose cause its freakin awesome.

The morning after:

Lol they are so cute :>

Soft boiled eggs with soy sauce, black pepper/white pepper and a pinch of salt.

me drinking from my sexy cup

baked again..



She detests dogs and yet here we are. A miracle.

I'm sorry the photos are all mixed up. These are from 2 cameras so... The pictures are still getting developed so I'll post them in a little while. I've got a lot of blogging to do. This laptop is seriously making things harder especially since my external hard drive doesn't allow mac to save directly onto the hard drive. It sux. :| And its so annoying cause my brother's on my computer 24/7 so I can't post my 500 days of shutter photos either. aldskfjaweijasdlkf oh life.

I've been walking Cole a lot lately. And Ohhhhh *squeals* I see this guy who hangs there every now and then. Ahh my gosh he's so hot and he longboards. *wonders if he'll ever see this.... naaaah* anyway he's probably half the reason why I walk the dog at approximately 5pm when I can.  HEHE. with that I leave you with a GIF that explains it all

That is how I feel.

Happy Friday.

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