Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

A doodle of me and my younger siblings.
On new year's eve I came down with a little fever. I had no appetite, my body felt heavy and sensitive, and I had no intention of properly socializing that night. But at the last moment, I thought otherwise and fought it. I resisted it, prayed and declared healing. The moment before 2011 came, I felt stronger and better and I was screaming my lungs out singing Firework and jumping up and down. I tweeted earlier that I wasn't meeting 2011 with this fever so...  I got an answered prayer! 

Since I wasn't feeling well that night, I only got photos of the fireworks, and not the people who were there earlier. But my, are they pretty. I felt like I was watching an hour long Disney fireworks show cause our neighbors went all out. I even got to see a heart shaped one. Due to extreme excitement and amazement, I just jumped and screamed at it like a little kid. And I do mean screamed at it

I hope you don't mind a gif spam. They were all so pretty I couldn't pick which one to post so I just made gifs! (these may take forever to load. so so sorry)

Me and my little sister had fun lighting these babies up. Even though we only had like.. 10 I think?

A couple of dementors started popping up so I whipped my wand back n fourth and expecto petronumd they ass.

Then I made sparks fly.

And did this cool fountain thing

This was very interesting, the firework was so bright it looked like daylight.


2010 was brilliant. Now 2011.. Will be great. 

I will never forget 2010. Its my most traveled year, and I've achieved a ton of great things such as getting an article on a magazine, my 500 day photo project just reached its one year mark, turning 18 (which is an achievement cause I never thought I would... In a childish way, not in a i'm gonna die before I turn 18 way lol), traveling with JUST a friend, reached a ton of youths through the church, and this blog!

First off I'd like to give all the glory to God. I mean, He's prepared it all for me. This year was just.. Epic. No other word can describe it. And secondly to my family, you guys are just awesome. My adorable dogs, 2010 year would've been incomplete without you. Then to my friends: Holla at ya'll. (RL and internet friends) and to all my followers on tumblr and readers here on my blog (even though I don't have a lot) Thank you so so much.

And now, may we all totally rule 2011 shall we?

Happy Saturday!~

OH and P.S. what's inside Trish's package :
Contact Lenses!
This adorable blouse!

also worn here:

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