Saturday, January 8, 2011

Backtrack: 2010

2010 was one of the best years of my life. Why? Because...

I started a 500 day project with LOIS! <3

I learned how to crochet.

We went to Macau and stayed at the Venetian Hotel. It was beautiful there.
Where Boys over Flowers filmed *SPAZZ*

Got addicted to buying necklaces and I now have a pretty nice collection of them.

Lois came to visit! <3

And then taught her how to ride a bike.

Met Miles and Trish! <3

Hopped on a plane and rocked Singapore.

Did something I've never seen someone else do. Cause i'm cool like that.

Weeks after Singapore, hopped onto another plane with my dear friend Dannah and went to Bacolod to visit Lois, Lisa, Christina, and Eunice!

We went to Sipalay Beach and it was pretty awesome.

I got to hold a baby goat!

Dannah got a reunion with a long time friend. Ha!

Partied like a rockstar... on my iPod on tumblr. 

Like I said. We partied hard.

Such a creepy photo. Lol dyed my hair like that.

Turned 18 and got this beaut.

Did my very first (paid) Food Photoshoot. (no, this wasn't one of the photos.)

Read a lot of books.

Had a ring phase. Still in it. Ha! Plus this photo got me my first 1k notes on tumblr.

I baked like crazy that year. This is for Clarissa's birthday. And she never got to taste it. 

Crochet. Crochet. Crochet.

and more Crochet

Started painting.

Clarissa and Lois visited... causee.....


He was amazing.

Visited the Manila Ocean Park. I love love love ocean parks.

More paint.

Named a recipe after Chico <3 (2nd article)

Simon got obsessed with The Social Network.

Hit a Tumblr Jackpot with this photo. It spread like wildfire. It was crazy. Plus got explored FRONT PAGE on Flickr! Its funny cause this was just a lazy shot.

Started building up my collection <3

This got a lot of attention on flickr and tumblr also, and my 2nd explore photo. Another unplanned shot it was just a random nice photo.

Baked these pretty little thangs and landed the JANUARY cover on Cook magazine!!! (just told you now.) Baked them on December and they chose one of my shots of them to be the cover! WOOHOO!! <3 two in a row babyyy.

Made this cool Hunger Games Bookmark. Plus read this book in 2 days. Its an amazing book.

Hung out with the best group of people ever


Finally made a drawing style I really like
My friend Lois took photos for my 3rd article on Cook Magazine :)

We got Cole!! <3

Had one of the most epic sleepovers ever.

Met the osmest group of boys.

Family photos! <3

More pie! P.S. my pie got called "Heavenly"  by a veteran cook.

Hopped on anotha plane to Hong Kong.

Got my lumix!

teh osm boys and girls

MY PHOTO ON THE COVER OF COOK MAGAZINE!!!!!! I never anticipated this to happen this early in life. Wow. Just.. Wow. God is so amazing.

new monies

Got this! <3

Last year was great. And not even a full week of 2011 and the blessings just started to overflow like crazy. I mean its just unbelievable. God is just so great. And I am looking forward for this year to be better and more amazing than ever. 2011 is my year. So will 2012. Bring. It. On.

You might have noticed that my photos are smaller than usual. I've gotten complains from my friends that my photos don't load because they're too big. So this is a little experiment to see if it loads if I made them smaller. *i really hope it does*

Happy Saturday!~

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