Saturday, October 6, 2012

NomadSt BTS

   A couple of months ago, (yes insanely late.) the art director of our school invited me to assist her in a shoot for their website It's this pretty high-end website that features A-list artists from Asia. Not only are they featuring the artists, they also feature the artists' favorite places. It's some pretty cool stuff. I also got to work with my friends Maicah, Jasper, and Quincy. 

Here are some BTS shots of the whole shoot. Our model was pretty sizzlin. 

Maicah doing make-up on our model, Matthew Knowles

Jasper being all stylist-ee

Yup... This happened.


It's always a fun experience to be in a shoot, and this was no exception. I learned a lot, and had fun in the process. And also, working with friends was super fun too! I totally wanna go on one of these shoots again, and maybe be the photographer sometime soon. :) I miss doing shoots :( I've been so busy with school I haven't touched my camera in forever! I need some one on one time with Jared again. 

I've also been praying for a new camera! Please agree with me in prayer :)

Long post, I know. But yeah, I needed to post on my blog again. I missed it too much! Hopefully by sembreak I can post more stuff here. (Hah.)

Anyway! I hoped you enjoyed looking at the photos, and if you want to see the final output of the shoot, check out or these posts here, here and here

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