Saturday, February 5, 2011


My lovely friend Miles was in dire need of studio light for her project in school. And I happen to have a few in hand! So.. She, along with her twin sister (another lovely friend of mine) Trish, plus their lovely mother came over to my house. Her model for the shoot was Raleene.

I only got a few shots after the shoot since Trish and I baked while they did the photoshoot in our den. Forgive me! It was all so fun nonetheless! I got to have a long chitchat with my fairly pixie soul sistah--Trish. Plus I met their awesome Mum with her wicked make up set. (It was really, really wicked. I'm not even kidding.) And I met Ral! All in all it was a pretty awesome day aside from the lack of photos on my part. For Miles though, she got a whoooleee lot of shots!

 You can check more of the photos on Ral's blog post Here

I was soo soo happy to see the twins again. I've missed them so much! I hope we could do this again. AND SOON!!

Happy Saturday!

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