Friday, February 11, 2011

In all awesomeness

February is fabulous.

My dad got a haircut at this place. I forgot the name but I really like how they have Vintage actors and actresses' photos hanging on their walls.

My 50mm broke :(  I feel so so sad and I miss it like crazy. I'm praying to get a 50mm 1.4 in the near future!

We went to Pampanga to visit my dad's friend's new house. It was so pretty inside and outside his house. 

Tumbled and chatted with Clarissa while I was on the road. Hello future.

I got this at greenhills :)

Life is just way better with fishball.

We have a new Youth Centre Opening beside our church. The walls were all white. I figured we'd cover it up with Fisheye photos. Something like this:

This book caught my eye and I fell inlove. I judge beautiful books by their covers. I won't lie.

Best red velvet I've tasted. And I don't like cupcakes so I ain't lying.

Shark Week was upon me (monthly visits for the little lady) and I was just so emotional and my hormones were all over the place and I just REALLY wanted a doughnut. A powdered sugary one. So I had our driver buy me a box.. Or.. Rather a triangle of powdered sugary goodness. Idk why those chocolate ones are in there though.

The product of the pixie sisters' baking! :>

We got a new van! :) Finally.

My dad's birthday was on the 9th so we ate out at a Korean restaurant. SUPER DEEELISH.


We went to moa after eating. I SAW THIS!!!!! I freaked out.

I bought 4 books. Just by the 9th of February I've managed to buy 6 books all in all. I vowed not to buy a single book till March. Oh literature. You wound me!

Most recent picture of me. Look at that pout D:

Been freakishly busy this week. Cook magazine needs 3 articles ahead of time cause the editor in chief is  going away. I'm soo stressing right now! I hope I can finish all three tomorrow. To top that off I need to write an article about the event I went to last Monday (on next blog post.). Ahh! God, help me.

Procrastination is my nemesis. DIE DIE DIE.

Here, go watch this kitten.

Happy Friday! :)

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