Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet Tooth

Wrote this song a couple of months ago with my brofriend Ryoku, which we then recorded, and filmed. I hope you guys are hungry. plz ignore my face. tnx.

Directed, shot and edited by: David Molina
Song by: Richard "Ryoku" Matsuyama & Seed Bunye
Special Thanks to: Kat Pineda

Here are the lyrics:

Sweet Tooth

Jelly beans just aint enough
Tootsie rolls and other stuff
Cant seem to knock the socks off
My cravings boo
Cherry pies and creme brulee
Cant explain what i have to say to you
Cotton candy, too
Got a sweet tooth for you

Verse 1:
Now see I, cant help the way I feel when im with you baby
The sugar rush that you give me got me hyphy
Im sorry if im sounding just a bit cliche but
The feelin that i feel for you baby it aint lustIts a cravin, your lips are so amazin
Girl in this crazy world, honey you my safe heaven
You're a strawberry dipped in hot melted chocolate
Your sweet lovin girl, i cant get enough of it
I'm addicted to you, girl, like a chocoholic
I want too much of you i think i might be diabetic
Call the doctor, i got infatuationitus
Whenever im not with you, i consider that a crisis
So quit trippin, and lets cuddle the night away
Girl i would have you over anything on any day
Call me corny but i think i got a sweet tooth
You're my daily dose of sugar and i need you

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:

Is it just me, or is everything about you so complete?
You are my favorite song and I just want you on repeat
You and me, me and you, we a perfect match
So lets not waste our time, come around like cabbage patch
You got my mouth all watery, my jelly bean
Im eatin skittles, come taste the rainbow, 'nawmean
when i need a break, i dont need twix, i got you
You my honey and im an asian winnie the pooh
Im hooked on you and i dont need no intervention
You make me feel this feelin far beyond my comprehension
I want you so bad and i know you want me too
You make me nutty like honey glazed cashews
Im incomplete without you like an mnm without chocolate
What the hell you gon do with it?
Baby i just want you by my side my cherry pie
Youre so sweet, dont think i need to specify

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:

L - she the Love of my Life, ill never let her go
O - Optimistic, Ostentatious, got an Overdose
V - Very vivacious, while she vicious and voluptuous
E - Energetic, Entertainin, and they Envy us
And thats what i feel about you girl, its all love
Love you, adore you, and its all of the above
I got a sweet tooth, only you can satisfy
I got a craving that, only you can pacify

Boo, got a sweet tooth for you
everything that you do
Makes you smile like a goof
Boo, got a sweet tooth for you
everything that you do
Makes me smile like a goof

(Repeat Chorus) 

     The only concern I had with this song is that it's sort of long. Haha. But I love this song nonetheless. When Richard came to me with the idea, I was sort of caught off guard because I wasn't really much of a song writer before. I had to come up with a song in a week and I panicked. I also just met Richard and I didn't know if we would have chemistry in terms of vocals, and the music. So I was pretty worried at first. Who knew it would turn out pretty well? 

Hope you guys like it. 


   Had so much fun recording the music video. We ate wicked oreos after and it was sweet.

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