Saturday, May 25, 2013

As It Stands

Inspired by the hilarious Brittany from, I decided to get my hands dirty in blogging again. Not as often as I'd like, but I'm definitely trying again. Brittany wrote an "As It Stands" blog post and I thought it would be a great way to update my blog on how things are right now. It's also easier and more reliable to read than backtracking my twitter account when i'm old and wrinkly.

So here it goes...

As it stands, I am now Twenty-One.  I know right? It was just yesterday when I turned any number under 21. I always thought that when I reached my 20's I would know the definition of who I am. Spoilers: "Kids, in the year 2013 your uncle Lean (bestfriend) and I turned 21. And we were a couple of stressed out, sexy people who didn't know what to do with their lives. We thought it best to live in the moment, or as the kids our age said before, "Yolo." You're probably wondering what that word is, don't." I feel nothing different, I only know that i've been through a heck of a lot of wanted and unwanted experiences. Also, this is the first birthday I had without my Dad... Which leads me to my next standing.

As it stands, I'm slightly Fatherless. My Dad died. I know a lot of people were shocked. So if you haven't had the explanation yet, here's a shorter version. My Dad lived his life to the fullest, and it had certain repercussions. He liked to eat. He also had hereditary health concerns. So this got into that, and it was all just a jumble of things squashed into his human body, and it got too much. He had survived 2 major attacks in the passed 10 years. But he always rose up like a champ. Although we knew he was sick, we expected him to rise up like a champ yet again. So I was caught off guard when my brother dashed into the room punching the floor, saying "Wala na si Daddy." It was like the world was pulled from under me. He had been getting dialysis for about 2 years, and his kidneys failed that day. Everything happened so fast, and I was sad, but happy because he is way happier up there. It's hard. Losing a Dad. But you know what? Psalm 68:5 says "A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy habitation." God never left us all through out. There was an unmistakable Godly peace that overtook our whole family. Life goes on, and we're living it. We miss him, and we're continuing his legacy at the church.

As it stands, I am a Junior. Well that was a little heavy. On to slightly happier news, I'm a Junior in the coming school year. Hurrah! Two more years of no sleep, coffee, and crazy deadlines. Two more years of fun, food, and crazy friends. I just actually finished summer school (to advance.) And it's tiring, but fulfilling. I actually learned how to animate stuff, and draw better. I think?

As it stands, my schedule has never been any busier. While the kids from my school were having fun in beaches, I was busy getting more involved in serious adult-work. My school recently partnered with Star Records to produce music videos for two of their artists. My friend Jasper (Award winning Director of Gayuma *naks*) and I were invited to join the production teams. It is very stressful, and the deadlines are crazy. But by the grace of God, I know we can get through this. Today I just got a call that we needed a full storyboard (that I have to draw) by monday. And the concept isn't even intact yet. Grabe lang. Also, i've been asked to photograph a ton of stuff, and sing or record at other places. I'm seriously crazy busy. 

As it stands, I am officially a part of the Worship Team. This is it guys. It's that moment we've all been waiting for... I PLAY GUITAR FOR THE MAIN WORSHIP TEAM NOW!! So, so happy! pretty soon, i'll be singing too. I've always wanted to commit, but I was never allowed because of the practice times. But now I am! And I feel all cool. 

As it stands, I got a weird rash from the outing today. The youth outing was today. And for the first time I wore shorts to an outing and I get a rash because of it. Other people get golden beautiful tans. I get a rash. P.S. there's a line. It looks like a tan, but it's not. It's not.

As it stands, the 24th of May in 2013 was one of the most entertaining days ever.  :">

As it stands, I am obsessed with 8 tracks. It is an app on my iPad. And I love it. 

As it stands, I have pink hair. Not all of it, just streaks. I've always wanted pink hair.

As it stands, I'm probably gonna enjoy the rest of this year. I just know it.

Where do you stand?

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