Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tong Yang and meeting up with Lisa & Lois

My Dad decided to take his staff out for lunch and my sister and I tagged along. We ate at Tong Yang in SM Megamall. After lunch, I met up with my girls Lois & Lisa and we galavanted around forever 21 to make us feel BAD SINCE WE HAD NO MONEY FOR SHOPPING :|.

Tong Yang is a long time friend of our family. My family and I have been eating here ever since I was a kid. They have a wide array of uncooked food that you pick from...

Which you then cook on grills embedded into the tables!

They also have bottomless drinks that you can keep coming back for, and Iced cream!

Then I met up with the sisters and walked around Forever 21.

I'm soo glad to see these girls again <3 I wasn't expecting to see them that fast after my trip to Bacolod, but I'm soo happy they came! <3

After crying our eyes out, we went to DQ to scarf down some Ice cream, and a milkshake for moi. 

Lois had fun with my lumix with the new lens and all :)


It was short, but we'll see each other again soon! So glad we could meet up in such short notice~


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