Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elle & Ina

(grabbed from Lois)

For the passed year I have been admiring this girl I saw on Flickr named Elle, (SERIOUSLY GO CHECK HER FLICKR NOW. IM NOT EVEN KIDDING.) and she does the BEST paper cuts like anything. I know no one else who can do what she can do. Whilst reading her blog, I was superbly curious about Ina, her sister, since she was so enthusiastically proud of her! (lol cause i'm not like that with my sisters.) Anyway, I saw a link on her blog, and I checked Ina's blog out and OH MY GOSH SHE IS SO AMAZINGLY CRAFTY LIKE I DONT WANNA TOUCH CRAFT AFTER I'VE GONE THROUGH BOTH THEIR BLOGS. SRSLY. These girls are just amazeballs and I am so honoured to have met them!!

Well we had to have lunch first, so we ate at Burger King. (Firsts for Lisa & Lois. They loved it)

Munchin on a fry like a boss.

Ate a peach Croissant while waiting for Ina and Elle to arrive at Cafe France. :)

When they arrived it was a little bit awkward, but Lois started talking and the rest was history!

It was soo hilarious how when we saw them walking towards the cafe, we were like "OH MY GOSH IS THAT THEM OMG OMG OMG R U READY OMG ITS THEM ITS THEM THEY LOOK SO COOL!!!!! U GUYS ACT COOL." - Lisa, Lois and I.

And when we got to talking they told us that while they were walking towards the cafe, they were like "OMG is that them sitting? Ahhh omg!" - Elle and Ina. (well.. err. something like that O.o I hope I didn't get that wrong. Lol)

Both parties were totally exuberant to meet the other! Heee~

They also gave us the CUTEST gifts ever!! Only, I forgot to take a photo of them. (SORRY. next time I will!)

hehe saw Jaco at topshop too :> this day is getting better and better.

Walking around and eating ice cream brought us to the conclusion that we must play Lazer Tag. 

We waited for the next round, cause we saw a whole lot of teenagers go in and we all freaked out. We wanted kiddies in there with us! 20 mins later when we were getting briefed, we only saw kids and moms and girls, so we were like "phew!" But then the doors opened on the other side and there was another room full of teenagers! Bleh. oh well.


Waitin waitin.



It was a superbly funnerific and it was a first for Ina, Elle, and I to try Lazer Tagging! 

Elle took a polaroid shot of me with Francisco. Heeeee. *le happy*

This day was magical.

P.S. These crafty girls + their Mum have an online store: Pink Teacup 
They have the cutest Accessories, Craft Kits, and lots more! Be sure to check them out!

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